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Dram Bitters

Dram Bitters

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These bitters are designed to offer healing benefit, as well as wonderful flavor. Bitters are a strong extract of plants that contain principles such as volatile oils and alkaloids which trigger a sensory response in the mouth, kick starting the digestive process and offering relief from indigestion, overeating or a sour stomach.

Bitters can be added to sparkling or still water, juice, tea, coffee, and smoothies. In cocktails they work their magic by adding that "missing something" to balance out the flavors.

Available in several different flavors in 4oz reusable glass bottles:

WILD MOUNTAIN SAGE BITTERS: Conjured forth using wildcrafted Colorado Sage handpicked in the waning summer sunshine complimented with a touch of dried orange peel.

PALO SANTO BITTERS: Palo santo, or “holy wood” originates from Peru and is traditionally used for incense, as it is believed to have magical powers. It is indeed edible and we’ve used the bark to craft a truly unique bitters that may be employed to add a smoky, savory depth in cocktails and the kitchen.

DRAM “HAIR OF THE DOG”: Hangover Tonic Handcrafted using a unique blend of herbs that may ease the ailments caused by the overindulgence of a good time. Can be mixed into cocktails or employed to alleviate nausea, stress headaches, anxiety, or an upset stomach.

DRAM BITTERS GIFT SET: Set of 6 amber glass 1/2 ounce bottles filled with each lovely kind of bitter we make: Hair of the Dog Hangover Tonic Palo Santo Citrus Medica Lavender Lemon Balm Black Wild Mountain Sage

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