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Jotter Gel Pen Set

Jotter Gel Pen Set

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Set of 3 pens. Designed and packaged in the Ruff House Print Shop in their Lawrence, KS studio.

Sunshine: Pen phrases include “Sunset is my favorite color”, “Stay Golden”, and “Bring on the sunshine”. Pen colors include Caramel Pen (Caramel Ink), Gold Pen (Black Ink), and Bright Yellow Pen (Yellow Ink). Designed and packaged in our Lawrence, KS studio.

Adventure: Pen phrases include “Collect Adventures”, “Go Outside”, and “Blue Skies Ahead”. Pen colors include Black Pen (Black Ink), Powder Blue Pen (Light Blue Ink), and Bright Blue Pen (Blue Ink).

Plant: Pen phrases include: “Plant Lover”, “Plants, Coffee & Sunshine”, and “Dig Deeper”. Pen colors include Olive Pen (Green Ink), White Pen (Black Ink), and Gold Pen (Black Ink).

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