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Kelly & Jones

Oil Roll-On

Oil Roll-On

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These roll-ons are in an oil base, perfect for those who prefer an alcohol-free scent. Unscented coconut oil is used as the base for the roll-ons... pure, simple and clean.

Mezcal Blanca: Sheer Citrus & Solar Resins. Smelling Notes: Peppercorn | Palm Leaf | Oaxacan Sea Salt | Juniper | Star Anise

Mezcal Negra: Smoked Woods & Mystical Spice. Smelling Notes: Sonoran Pine | Black Lime | Guaiacwood | Cajeta | Clary Sage

Mezcal Roja: Desert Bloom & Warm Minerals. Smelling Notes: Cacao Blossom | Corn Silk | Vetiver | Ocote Wood | Oak Barrel

Mezcal Verde: Mayan Leaves & Catskills Cascades. Smelling Notes: Limón | Fern | White Sage | Violet Leaf | Birch Incense

Mezcal Anejo: Brocade spices, woods and fruit fill the air of the mezcalerias in the center of the city. Smelling Notes: Velvet Jasmine | Leather | Smoked Amber | Guajillo | Golden Peach

Mezcal Flora: tequila rose | suede musk | saguaro blossom | pink pepper | petrol

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