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Rainbow Power

Rainbow Power

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The magical properties of color a.k.a 'color magic', has long been a witch's best friend, and now it's time everyone takes full advantage of its therapeutic, emotional and highly-magical benefits.

Color magic is the intentional use of the color spectrum – each color holds a certain energetic and magical frequency – and within this approachable and highly-accessible guide, Jerico Mandybur walks you through each major colors multifarious meanings and how to incorporate them in spells, candle magic, altar and sacred space-creating, meditation and yoga, art and journaling, boundary-setting and even your beauty routine.

Designed especially for the modern mystic, the witch-curious and all those looking to create a more meaningful life for themselves, you will learn everything there is to know about why colors affect us and how to utilize them in various everyday situations, ranging from self-care to social life, work to home and private ritual to outward self-expression.

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