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Infinite She

Ultra Lush Hand Cream

Ultra Lush Hand Cream

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Treat your skin to the lush, smoothing power of Shea + Mango Butters designed to deeply hydrate and nourish hands ready to tackle anything.

Good to Know Vegan / Recyclable / Never Animal Tested / Mineral Oil Free / Gluten Free / Paraben Free / Phthalate Free / Care Free

Fearless: Confidence + Strength: Wild Geranium + Rosewood. Bold. Strong. Confident. Energized.

Vibrant: Happiness + Positivity: Japanese Yuzu + Vetiver. Shine. Thrive. Joy. Positivity.

Inspired: Passion + Creativity: Violet Leaf + Jasmine. Visualize. Create. Dream. Focus.

Empowered: Clarity + Focus: Orange Blossom + Cardamom. Solid. Outspoken. Determined. Conviction.

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